Hilde DeBruyne

Hilde DeBruyne was born in Belgium, August 18, 1964, into a family of artists. The daughter of sculptor Paul DeBruyne, she pursued she formal studies in Art History and Archeology at the University of Ghent in Belgium. DeBruyne has been working in clay for more than 20 years. Her ceramic work reflects nature and the cycle of life; she’s inspired by simple, organic features of rock formations, pebbles, and weathered wood.

Her work is in public and private art collections. In Iowa, DeBruyne has participated in the Des Moines Arts Festival, Two Rivers Art, and the Newton Sculpture Show.

Featured Collaboration:

The Birthplace of Des Moines


The porcelain tile mural, 34 feet by 4 feet, is a pictorial timeline of the history of Des Moines and marks the area’s first non-Native American settlement of 1843. The mural is built into the brick wall near a 1840s log cabin on the west bank of the Des Moines River, north of its confluence with the Raccoon River−the birthplace of Iowa’s Capitol. Today, this location is known as Principal Park. More than 500 pieces of tile form the mosaic mural, which depicts American Indian life, the first white settler, various symbols and the future. The theme of the mural spans native American history and the highways and bridges of today; the wild rose and oak leaves are both Iowa symbols.

Location: Principal Park, Des Moines, IA
Materials: Glazed and Porcelain Tile Mural
Artist’s Personal Website: www.hildedebruyne.com/

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