Daniel M. Krause

Daniel Krause Skulptor Self PortraitDaniel Krause is an American sculptor who is based in Guangzhou, China. Born in 1964 in Chicago, Illinois, he attended the University of California at San Diego before coming to China in 1987. He earned an MFA from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1993. He currently teaches Contemporary Metal Sculpture in the Sculpture Department of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

Daniel Krause’s sculptures represent the power and energy of the Pearl River Delta people. His semi-abstract figures reflect the dramatic transformation that has taken place in China since the late 1980s. Lively and dynamic, they convey the confidence and energy of an emerging new society.

His large sculptures are made of iron plate metal, which is cut and welded together. Next the sculptures are dipped in acid, electroplated and primed with black baked enamel, before being painted in gold and brown. The smaller sculptures are made of bronze, using the “cire perdue” or “lost wax” technique.

Daniel started sculpting in primary school. In the 1970s, while working with stoneware and ceramic pottery at high school, he read about the discovery of the terracotta warriors at Xian and became fascinated by Chinese art. At the University of California, where he studied under the late Professor Italo Scanga, he began to focus on figurative sculpture and welding metal figures. In Guangzhou, he studied under Liang Ming Cheng, one of China’s most prominent contemporary sculptors.

Featured Project:

Welcome, Excellence Century Center, Shenzhen, China
5 meter tall sculpture for Excellence Century Center in Shenzhen China.

Client: Excellence Century Center
Location: ECC, Shenzhen – China
Artist’s Personal Website: http://www.dmkrause.com

Daniel Krause with Large Metal Sculpture

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