How the team at Creative Edge creates your installer-friendly kit

Relax. We’ve Got This.

All elements of the Creative Edge process—from renderings and approval packages, to cutting programs, shipping methods and installation mapping—are integrated in a fully computerized design and production system.

All parts are numbered and coded according to material and colors. The thousands of parts that make up the elaborate floors are artistically sub-assembled and documented for installation. Broken or missing pieces can be looked up and easily replaced during installation or in the future.

Creative Edge projects are installer-friendly and installer-ready, using standard industry methods and materials. Skilled stone, tile and floor-covering professionals find our project kits, easy to work with and straightforward to install.

The Creative Edge team collaborates with artists, landscape designers, architects and interior designers to create original designs for each project. All projects are fabricated in our USA factory under direct supervision. Our experienced team at Creative Edge closely supervises design, sourcing, construction, packaging and shipping worldwide. The firm has pioneered architectural waterjet specifications and methods and develops new waterjet ideas and applications daily.

We work closely with each client to solve design needs and practical problems.