Waterjet fabrication of stone: marble, granite, limestone, slate, quartzite, etc. has resulted in revolutionary decorative ideas, material combinations, patterns, and artwork.

With the technology of waterjet, hard and brittle materials such as stone have become a flexible graphic medium and an exquisite color palette for designers.

The CEMS stone fabrication method results in breathtaking marble and granite medallions; forming unforgettable centerpieces and signature entrance lobbies, foyers, and rotundas.  Marble borders, accents, and corners made by water jet, transform stone floors from simple to extraordinary.

Mankind’s oldest, most beautiful, and most durable building material has gained new design vistas.

Marble Palette

Creative Edge stocks and maintains a palette of 51 of the most beautiful and widely available marble colors.  In addition to the standard marble palette, Creative Edge can work with a world of marble types and varieties.

Marble Palette

Granite Palette

Below, are some of the marvelous granite materials available.  In addition to the granite examples shown here, Creative Edge has access to all stone types, including limestone, quartzite, slate, semi-precious stones, onyx, fossil stone, and many many more.

Granite Palette

Gallery of Water Jet Stone Projects (Marble, Granite, Other)

Although many projects are custom designed, we have a fairly large number of previously designed projects, entries, borders & accents, and medallions to create a perfect solution for you.

Feel free to browse though our projects or simply call or email us and we can get a better understanding of what your project is and how we can achieve outstanding results together.

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