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Terrazzo is an ancient decorative technique dating to Roman times. Marble chips, mixed with cement, created amazing patterns, art, and durable designs for palaces, villas and temples.

In the late 19th century terrazzo was prevalent in the USA and Europe as the mark of a quality structure.  Schools, theaters, hotels, bank, etc., frequently had lobbies and public area floors in terrazzo with logos and emblems in zinc, brass and bronze.
In the 1990’s, terrazzo was revived with the advent of epoxy based resins and colors. Epoxy matrix was much thinner. more colorful, more flexible, and quicker to cure than cementitious types.

Since then, terrazzo floor coverings have flourished for large venues such as convention centers, airports, public buildings and theaters.

Creative Edge waterjet techniques have supplemented and added to the decorative potential and artistry of terrazzo.

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TERRAZZO TEK® is Creative Edge’s brand for the following series of waterjet based techniques for the terrazzo industry:

Terrazzo JetFormz

JetFORMZ® uses waterjet technology to cut the metal material dividers from brass, aluminum, and bronze. This method adds to detail, complexity, and accuracy of metal dividing strips.

pdf-icon-sml  JetFORMZ® Art Fabrication System Spec. Sheet.

Terrazzo TransFormz

TransFORMZ® is a layout system that faithfully transfers architect, designer, and artist patterns to the floor to be covered in epoxy terrazzo.

pdf-icon-sml  TransFORMZ® Art Fabrication System Spec. Sheet.

Terrazzo AccuFormz

AccuFORMZ® is the technique of templating to layout letters, logos and emblems accurately and position these elements for the terrazzo pour.

pdf-icon-sml  AccuFORMZ® Art Fabrication System Spec. Sheet.

Terrazzo NoFormz

NoFORMZ® is a technique of fabricating intricate art and pattern with no metallic joints, creating striking and colorful detail in artwork and lobby identity pieces.

pdf-icon-sml  NoFORMZ® Art Fabrication System Spec. Sheet.

Terrazzo Palette

Sample palette from NTMA (National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association) showing a selection of the limitless variety of terrazzo recipes. .


Gallery of Waterjet Terrazzo Floor Projects

Although many projects are custom designed, we have a fairly large number of previously designed projects, entries, borders & accents, and medallions to create a perfect solution for you.

Feel free to browse though our projects or simply call or email us and we can get a better understanding of what your project is and how we can achieve outstanding results together.

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