Siona Benjamin
Artist Siona Benjamin with her 15-foot Porcelain Tile floor for Central Reform Congregation in St Louis, Missouri


Creative Edge Master Shop can work with all types of ceramic materials, including glazed, through-body, porcelain, and the latest large format panels and tiles. All materials are easily fabricated, inlaid, and patterned.  Waterjet fabricated logos are excellent choices for schools and universities, retail stores, public art, murals, and hospitality venues.

Durable, cleanable, and colorful ceramics are favorites of designers. Waterjet fabrication makes these materials more versatile and beautiful than ever before.

Ceramic Sample Palette

Sample palette of a just a few of the thousands of options that are available in ceramic.

Ceramic Sample Palette

A Few of Our Ceramic Waterjet Projects

Although many projects are custom designed, we have a fairly large number of previously designed projects, entries, borders & accents, and medallions to create a perfect solution for you.

Feel free to browse though our projects or simply call or email us and we can get a better understanding of what your project is and how we can achieve outstanding results together.

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