Basalt, Lava & Marble Shown Above



Waterjet fabrication of stone, marble, granite, limestone, slate, quartzite and every intermediate variety has resulted in revolutionary decorative ideas, material combinations, patterns, and artwork.

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Terrazzo is an ancient decorative technique dating to Roman times. Marble chips, mixed with cement, created amazing patterns, art, and durable designs for palaces, villas and temples.

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National Harbor

Architectural Metals

Because waterjet adds no heat, no oxidation, and no mechanical force, it is a revolutionary method for the fabrication of architectural metals such as brass, bronze, and stainless steel. Waterjet medallions and signs can be made from multiple metals for floor inlays, signage, lettering, and calligraphy.

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Resilient Flooring

Thousands of materials and color combinations are available by manufacturers worldwide. Applications include school logos, high school logos, sports logos, retail floors, hospital logos, childrens' hospital art, sports courts, maps and way finding, fast food graphics.

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Siona Benjamin

Ceramic & Porcelain

Creative Edge Master Shop can work with all types of ceramic materials, including glazed, through-body, porcelain, and the latest large format panels and tiles. All materials are easily fabricated, inlaid, and patterned.

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We Ensure the Highest Quality

Creative Edge uses waterjet technology to fabricate high-value, challenging architectural finish materials such as granite, marble, limestone, slate, brass, bronze, stainless steel, glass, and ceramics—without the distortion of heat or mechanical force. Waterjet technology can also be used for resilient flooring materials, including linoleum, rubber, vinyl, rubber, vinyl, composites, carpet floor coverings, and many more.

The versatility, power and precision of waterjet enables a wide variety of materials—from metals to marble and glass—to be combined in a single installation. Creative Edge is famous for the precise fit, intricate detailing, and varied materials of its award-winning marble medallions, logos, emblems, borders, geometric patterns, and fine art floor murals—which have been installed in hotels, casinos, airports, religious buildings, museums, government venues, schools, hospitals and shopping centers worldwide.

Material Selection Process

We work with you through the design process to select the finest materials for your luxury residence. We travel the world to source the most unique and beautiful materials.