Religious Buildings / Custom Cut Church Floors

From BAPS Tempmle in Bobinsville, NJ, to the Lady of Good Counsel’s Bishops Chair in Lincoln, NE, we enhance places of worship with intricate design and detail in flooring, mosaics, and interpretation of religious symbolism.

Creative Edge designs and produces exceptional floor decorations, murals and emblems and plaques for the most beautiful religious structures.  Whether renovation or new construction.

Marble floors adorn aisles, naves and altars, and natural stone is used for permanent, vibrant  murals of iconic images.  TerrazzoTEK techniques from Creative Edge allow vivid permanent  terrazzo medallion designs in lobbies and icons.  Images and emblems come to life with stone combined with brass and bronze details and lettering inlaid in marble.

Featured Church / Religious Custom Floor Projects

Gallery of Church / Religious Custom Floor Projects