COMING SOON…30 Years of Amazing Floors!

New Technology Enables New Artistry.
Presenting 30 years of Waterjet Artistry Since 1988

1988 was the start….In that year, it dawned on us that the new waterjet technology with its amazing speed, precision and versatility could revolutionize architectural fabrication. The new-found capabilities of waterjet could unleash wonderful new artistry and creativity. We set out to do just that.


Throughout history, technology and artistry are intertwined. Technical advances lead to new forms of expression. And with every new method of shaping materials, creative persons have used the new media as a way of expressing their vision, decorating structures ad stirring the soul.

So it has been over the past 30 years of architectural waterjet. There is nothing finished about this process…we have just begun to explore the possibilities. We invite all creative people to participate with us.

TWELVE Waterjet Porfolios: Over the next twelve email messages, we will review 30 years of our “greatest hits”: the worldwide projects that exemplify the extraordinary uses of waterjet. These projects were developed with artists, designers and architects who were not bashful about their own exuberant creativity and boldly used this new technology.

EXPLORE 30 Years of development of the Waterjet Technique!

 Colors of Ceramic as a Graphic Medium

 Waterjet for the New Generation of Hospital Design

 Educational Institutions Identification and Inspiration

 Grand Entrances for Grand Properties

 Extraordinary Marble and Gemstone Floors

 Honoring Veterans in Granite and Bronze

 Durable, Inspiring Public Spaces

 Decorating Sacred Spaces

 Graphic Design in every Floor Covering

 Welcoming Customers

 Unique Spaces, Unique Fabrication

 New Technology Enhances the Ancient Art of Terrazzo

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