30 Years of Terrazzo Innovation


Terrazzo is an Italian construction technique dating from Roman times. Consisting of marble chips in a concrete matrix, terrazzo has been used to create decorative art, entrances and logos for 100s of years.

The advent of epoxy terrazzo has expanded the durability, flexibility and range for color fields and decorative details. New types of chips are practical with epoxy. These innovations along with waterjet techniques have greatly enhanced the art of the decorative floor.

Over the past 20 years, Creative Edge has used waterjet technology as the basis of a suite of techniques, which we call TERRAZZO TEK so that master terrazzo contractors can efficiently install emblems, accents and dazzling artistry in colorful floors.

Creative Edge has developed revolutionary techniques for fast and accurate installation of Terrazzo, making more applications possible and economical:

JetFormz Metal divider systems…

Terrazzo AccuFormz Perfect emblems…

Terrazzo-Tek-NoFormz-640 Jointless art…

Terrazzo TransFormz Art transfer and layout…

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