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The Sunny Day
Creative Edge Master Shop works with artists! We would like to share a luminous piece titled
The Sunny Day from artist Sue Berkey, capturing the art of water-jet through Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT).
© 2016 Sue Berkey
© 2016 Sue Berkey

Long thought of as a sensible form of floor covering, adorning elementary schools, Walmart’s, and recreation centers, VCT comes in many colors, textures, and patterns. A little known fact is that VCT is a green product. The composition is less than 10% vinyl, while 90% is made from locally sourced crushed limestone.

Creative Edge Master Shop has long considered VCT’s potential as an artistic medium, particularly when water-jet can be used to shape and detail.

CLICK HERE to read about “The Sunny Day” from artist Sue Berkey.

© 2016 Sue Berkey