30 Years of Inspiration, Love and Faith


The most ornate buildings in the world are dedicated to the glory of God. All religions use the most beautiful and meaningful symbols and materials to adorn their places of worship.

For the past 30 years, Creative Edge Master Shop has been thrilled to contribute to sacred buildings with decorative elements, symbols, murals and emblems.

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Veterans Day 2018: Honoring Those Who Have Served Our Nation … 30 Years of Military Memorials

30 years of Honoring Veterans & The Military!


Throughout history, stone and bronze have been used to embody permanence and dignity. These materials are used to honor military service and preserve the memory of those that defend the nation. It has been our honor to design and fabricate these tributes to veterans and the armed forces.

With waterjet, granite and metals have expanded expressive options. Memorials designed with Creative Edge are innovative and dramatic in representing military logos, symbols, maps, equipment and military events.

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From Times Square to Disney World, 30 Years of Streetscapes, Plazas, Artwork, Monuments, and more

30 years Making Amazing Special Places!

Waterjet fabrications decorate many dramatic public spaces.
From New York’s Times Square to the Entrance to Disneyworld in Orlando, waterjet’s ability to shape heavy stone and combine dissimilar materials is ideal for streetscapes, plazas, artwork, and monuments.
Noted artists and creators have collaborated with Creative Edge to make “Special Places” throughout the USA.

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Waterjet Applied to School Spirit: 30 Years of Classic and Ferocious Logos


Every educational institution has an emblem that is the symbol of the school.

Actually, many institutions have two logos…one dignified with Roman numerals, Latin sayings and inspiring mottos, and the other logo is some ferocious animal (bear, eagle, tiger, steamroller etc.) that represents the schools’ athletic teams and their aggressive approach to utterly defeating rivals.

Fortunately, the full range of such symbols can be created using waterjet fabrication. Any type of permanent architectural material such as brass and bronze and stone can be used, as well as colorful combinations of virtually any floor covering.

The art of school and university symboling now has unlimited possibilities.

View our portfolio of 30 years of Nationwide Education Projects

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COMING SOON…30 Years of Amazing Floors!

New Technology Enables New Artistry.
Presenting 30 years of Waterjet Artistry Since 1988

1988 was the start….In that year, it dawned on us that the new waterjet technology with its amazing speed, precision and versatility could revolutionize architectural fabrication. The new-found capabilities of waterjet could unleash wonderful new artistry and creativity. We set out to do just that.


Throughout history, technology and artistry are intertwined. Technical advances lead to new forms of expression. And with every new method of shaping materials, creative persons have used the new media as a way of expressing their vision, decorating structures ad stirring the soul.

So it has been over the past 30 years of architectural waterjet. There is nothing finished about this process…we have just begun to explore the possibilities. We invite all creative people to participate with us.

TWELVE Waterjet Porfolios: Over the next twelve email messages, we will review 30 years of our “greatest hits”: the worldwide projects that exemplify the extraordinary uses of waterjet. These projects were developed with artists, designers and architects who were not bashful about their own exuberant creativity and boldly used this new technology.

EXPLORE 30 Years of development of the Waterjet Technique!

 Colors of Ceramic as a Graphic Medium

 Waterjet for the New Generation of Hospital Design

 Educational Institutions Identification and Inspiration

 Grand Entrances for Grand Properties

 Extraordinary Marble and Gemstone Floors

 Honoring Veterans in Granite and Bronze

 Durable, Inspiring Public Spaces

 Decorating Sacred Spaces

 Graphic Design in every Floor Covering

 Welcoming Customers

 Unique Spaces, Unique Fabrication

 New Technology Enhances the Ancient Art of Terrazzo

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Bellagio - MGM Casino and resort
Bellagio – Contest winning medallion


Bostik, Inc., a world leader in adhesives and installation systems for building construction, announced the winning design for its most recent edition of Bostik’s Signature Spaces™… in stunning style.

This latest event, entitled “The Art of Stone Flooring Design Contest™,” welcomed design submissions from North American flooring installation contractors, artists, interior designers and architects with expertise in commercial spaces. Entrants were encouraged to submit their most creative realizations of a waterjet cut-and-fabricated, round marble medallion which was to be permanently installed in the main lobby of Las Vegas’ iconic Bellagio Hotel & Casino. 

At a VIP award ceremony and industry-networking event held May 3rd at Hyde, the Bellagio’s “Height of Decadence” nightlife venue, Rick Faber, Senior Graphic Designer at Walt Disney Imagineering was awarded the Grand Prize: a trip for two to Paris, France. In front of 600 high-powered guests, consisting primarily of architects and designers, Scott Banda, Bostik’s Director of Marketing & Business Development and emcee of the award ceremony, declared, “The lobby location of this 13′ diameter, stone flooring masterpiece is currently being viewed by over 20,000 Bellagio visitors every single day!”

Bostik, the sole sponsor of this competition, partnered with MGM Resorts International (the owner of the Bellagio), Creative Edge Master Shop (the waterjet firm producing the winning design), NTCA (National Tile Contractors Association) and Superior Tile & Marble (The 5-Star contractor which installed the winning medallion).

Bellagio Hotel Unveiling
Bellagio winner receiving check..

According to Jim Belilove, President/Founder of Creative Edge Master Shop, “This medallion will provide an enduring signature space for the Bellagio, showing off the elegance of marble and its combination with other architectural metals. Right after it was unveiled, we were told the medallion’s beauty and workmanship was nothing less than “Renaissance quality!”

Todd Robinson, Director of Operations at Superior Tile & Stone commented, “It was an honor to be chosen to work on such a prestigious installation. The waterjet cut-and-fabricated medallion was not only beyond beautiful, but was delivered to the jobsite in the most professional way for our installers to handle the project. And of course, we utilized the Bostik system to ensure that the medallion was installed at optimal levels.”

Banda summed up the successful evening by stating, “This is the fourth competition we’ve staged with our partners at MGM Resorts International in the last three years. In all of these, we’ve arranged for a permanent installation to take place at one of their key properties. Everybody involved wins. But in particular, those who submitted their designs had great opportunities to showcase their creative talents, and subsequently receive well-deserved notoriety. Bostik builds strong bonding situations with much more than just its state-of-the-art specialty adhesive systems. Through programs such as Bostik Signature Spaces, we bring people together, and they build relationships that last for many years. That’s really strong bonding!”

About Bostik, an Arkema company
Bostik is a leading global adhesive specialist in construction, consumer and industrial markets. For more than a century, it has been developing innovative adhesive solutions that are smarter and more adaptive to the forces that shape daily lives. From cradle to grave, from home to office, Bostik’s smart adhesives can be found everywhere. With annual sales of €1.95 billion, the company employs 6,000 people and has a presence in more than 50 countries. For the latest information, visit www.bostik.com.


Bellagio Contest Winner Announced at the HD EXPO

Come See us at the HD EXPO for the announcement of the Bellagio medallion winner May 2, 3 & 4 Booth 3065.
The winner has been chosen Bostik/ Creative Edge Signature Spaces competition: A 13 foot original marble design for the lobby Medallion for the Bellagio Hotel. It is FANTASTIC and will be a memorable addition to one of Las Vegas’s premier hotels.
The award presentation will be made at HD Expo on May 3rd at the Hyde Nightclub in the Bellagio. Music, food and drink, fun, entertainment and inspiration! Join us by requesting a ticket from Creative Edge 800-394-8145 ask for Tami.
Sponsors: Bostik, Creative Edge Master Shop, NTCA & MGM- Bellagio.
Winner image.
Gala ticket image.

Creative Edge Master Shop captured the majestic glory of Mount Rushmore in waterjet-cut stone


Mount Rushmore in the lobby of the Adoba Eco Hotel in Rapid City.  In 1991, It was one of the first large-scale waterjet lobby marble medallions in the world. Today, hotel visitors  continue to enjoy the enduring marble medallion as a memorable part of their Mt Rushmore visit.

Adoba entrance sign – Largest Hotel Rapid City, South Dakota


Mount Rushmore medallion made with waterjet technology for the Adoba Eco Hotel in Rapid City, ND.

Karim Merali purchased the largest hotel in Rapid City South Dakota with a vision of making it the premier hotel in the area. Merali wanted a unique lobby  treatment, since his hotel was at the  gateway to Mt Rushmore country. At first, his idea was a simple emblem at the entrance to the lobby. You can see nothing was simple in the lobby of this beautiful Hotel, look at the mural behind the Check in desk.

Waterjet fabricated mural – behind check in desk




The intricate shapes and contours of maps are made with the latest technology

Hand Bent vs CNC Waterjet Shapes

We make it easy for the Terrazzo contractor to install dazzling artwork, logos and patterns. The map shown here shows the compromises and approximation that result when the details of the continents, islands and coastlines have to be made from manually bent metal dividers. By contrast, the precision of waterjet technology allows these details to be faithfully represented to whatever degree of resolution desired by the designer. Complete control of map details, resolution and colors are assured and made easy for the designer.

Hand bent form
Waterjet cut form


Various maps: many colors, detail and materials:

Granite, Metal, Carpet , Terrazzo and Vinyl. All various materials that these maps are made from. Some simple – complex in there design. We hope you enjoy the various maps – No job to big or to small.

Aluminum & Cementitious terrazzo
Thermal granite & bronze


Colorful VCT





Masterpieces in Resilient Flooring

Creative Edge Master Shop is famous for its waterjet fabricated floors featuring marble and granite.  Waterjet technology is equally effective for fabricating designs, specialty logos and art using “soft” or resilient floor coverings including most kinds of sheet and tile products … and even carpet.

Maps in resilient floor coverings, give a sense of place and celebrate the local environment. Waterjet techniques ensure that details are accurate and true to the designer’s intent.


Vinyl Sheet – Map
VCT Tile – Map

Creative Edge Master shop has completed many projects using “soft” materials such VCT tile,  sheet vinyl and carpet.

VCT Tile
Children’s Hospital – Carpet Tile


Carpet Tile


Sheet Vinyl


Vinyl Sheet – Carpenters Union