Stone Flooring in Houston Hospital

I was totally blown away when photos of this completed job arrived! This grand hospital entry medallion at North Cypress Medical Center is simply breathtaking!

Designer Kimberly Michaud Interiors, of Brentwood, TN, selected custom colors to match the rest of the hospital’s design.

While organizing this contract for Creative Edge, I saw the work at every stage: however, the final results far surpassed my expectations.

This job was cut precisely using our state-of-the-art waterjet techniques, making it easy for Camarata Masonry Systems to install. Daltile architectural representative Randy Hoffman and SpawMaxwell were a pleasure to work with on this project. This project was installed in the elevator lobbies on five floors of this facility, which creates a real ‘wow’ factor.

hospital-medallion creativeedgemastershop

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Pour-In-Place Terrazzo Replacement

If you have never seen the installation of our one-piece waterjet cut metal frame, here is your chance. This job started out as precast terrazzo, but had to be re-done as a pour-in-place. It was a bear logo in the entryway of a new business that was damaged.

We hired a terrazzo contractor to remove the old logo and replace it with a new pour-in-place job. We supplied a metal frame. A pour-in-place job with a design this small (5′ in diameter) is challenging.

The customer was very satisfied with the outcome!

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